About Stories of Our Soil

Stories of Our Soil (SOS) is a campaign to raise awareness of indigenous peoples’ political vulnerability in India, particularly in light of the current global climate crisis. The initiative aims to increase awareness of indigenous political and social rights as well as the role that environmental and climatic protection plays in safeguarding or endangering the futures of communities in India through research-led activism and social outreach.

The initiative provides a platform for those who work on sustainability and the environment by promoting discussions on topics like the rise of responsible and youth-driven environmentalism in India, policy failures of the last ten years, the eviction of tribal populations and its impact on soil degradation and increased animal poaching, as well as challenges and reasons for hope for the future with on-the-ground activists and social workers. Along with examining indigenous tribes' legal rights and their mobilization efforts, the initiative also examines the impacts of environmental deterioration and deforestation on various populations.